New Additions: Gratuitous Goatie Goodness

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After a month of building the new goat shed, in anticipation of the arrival of our spring doelings, we can now finally introduce you to our two newest, and cutest, residents of Curbstone Valley Farm!

Our new goat babies arrived at the Farm last night!

Drumroll please!

Meet our two tiny Nigerian Dwarf dairy doelings…Castle Rock Farm’s Lotus & Minerva!

Just 10 days old…aren’t they adorable?

We collected these beautiful little does from the breeder yesterday afternoon.  It was a fabulous way to spend one of our very rare ‘days off’.  I would have posted about the babies sooner, but we’ve been a little…well, distracted…for the last 24 hours.

This is Lotus, daughter of Lost Valley TB Infinity, and Castle Rock Harvest Moon.

“Hi, I’m Lotus”

Lotus is a beautiful light colored buckskin, with lots of white, and gorgeous clear blue eyes, just like her Papa.

This is Minerva.

“Hi, I’m Minerva, but they call me Minnie”

She’s a darker buckskin with less white than Lotus, with a sweet little face, and beautiful brown eyes.  Minnie is the daughter of one of Infinity’s daughters, Castle Rock Karhmann Ghia, and Castle Rock Tanzanite.  In essence, Lotus’ mother, is also Minerva’s grandmother.

They’re both soooo tiny!  They’re also endlessly amusing to watch.  As predicted, I’m getting NOTHING done…nothing.  Zip, nada, zilch.

Lotus (left), Minnie (right)

Even in the few short hours since they arrived on the farm, the difference in their personalities is already very apparent.

So far, Lotus seems to be the brave explorer of the two, and is quite unfraid of anything.

Lotus always seems to have something in her mouth

Minnie seems a little more timid.  They’re both very friendly, and extremely sweet, Minnie just seems a little less sure of herself, and her new surroundings, but she’s coming out of her shell, and they haven’t even been on the farm 24 hours yet.

Minnie makes it past the barn door

They both have excellent appetites, and are no trouble at all to bottle feed.

One remarkable thing to note between them is that Lotus is a day younger than Minerva, but as you might notice in the video below, she is significantly larger than Minnie!  This size difference is because Lotus was a single kid.  Her Dam only had Lotus, whereas Minnie’s Dam had three doelings this year.  When does give birth to multiple kids, it’s normal for the kids to be a little smaller, but I suspect Minnie will catch up in no time.

“I won’t be a mini-Minnie for long”

With temperatures plunging into the 30’s overnight, Lotus and Minnie spent the night in their crate in the house as we don’t yet have a heat lamp in the barn.  Today though, once the sun warmed things up a bit, we finally ventured out to the barn to explore.

Lotus makes it to the top of a bale of a straw

The ‘barn’ seems a little large for them with as tiny as they are at the moment, but goats grow very quickly, even dwarf goats, so I’m sure they’ll grow into it.

They’ll grow into the barn soon…and their collars

This afternoon they really seemed to have a lot of fun bouncing around, and jumping over each other, and up on anything they could reach in the barn, and in the yard.

Lotus had no trouble jumping up on the new bench.

“Come up Minnie, it’s fun”

Poor Minnie found the bench a much bigger challenge though.

“Ooof…I’m trying, but I can’t reach”

Lotus encouraged her, but Minnie’s multiple attempts left her squarely on the floor.

“Maybe I should just stay here?”

Finally, with one last burst of determination though, she made it!

“Yay! I made it!”

I think they’re going to settle in nicely, and we’re going to have a lot of fun watching them grow!

“I think I’m too small for this feeder”

After less than 24 hours on the farm, I rather wish we’d done this sooner.

I’m hooked!

Lotus investigates the yard

We’ll post more about Lotus and Minnie soon, and hopefully by then my ability to photograph these two, as they zip from one end of the barn to the other will have improved too!

“Don’t go away, we’ll be back!”

First though, I have a LOT of catching up to do in the garden and greenhouse.  Just as soon as I can tear myself away…


  1. Clare, let me get this straight, you built the goat house and then got the goats? Crazy brilliant! 😉
    That’s where I went wrong, got the chickens before I built the coop. Building the coop of course took longer than expected. Chicks inside, not a pretty picture.
    tom @ tall clover farm´s last post…Rocking the Filson, Vashon Style

    • Actually, we usually go with your method. Chicks in box, peeping in the office, followed by an emergency trip to the lumber yard! 😛 It was a refreshing change to have their abode built before the goats arrived!

  2. Oh they are so cute! I love that little sound they make. They remind me of puppies how they jump around. I don’t blame you for not getting much else done now that they’re home, I bet I’d do the same thing.
    Catherine´s last post…The plants don’t mind the snow.

    • All that hollering at the start of the video was “put the camera down and FEED US!” It was breakfast time. They’re very quiet when they’re full, and sleepy 😉

  3. OMG. I’m hooked too. Now what am I going to do!

    • You’re going to suffer, just like me! I really don’t think I did anything today, except watch goats, take pictures, and watch more goats. Oh well 😛

  4. They bounce!

    Too too cute….

    • Yes, and Lotus bounces quite high! She actually made it up to the sofa unassisted, and seems quite capable of launching herself almost anywhere she chooses. I can only imagine what it will be like once Minnie’s legs grow a little longer 😉

  5. Oh so bouncy wouncy cutecutecute! My brain hurts from all the goat adorability.

    What’s the story with their wee horns?
    Lisa and Robb´s last post…Budding Grafts

    • That’s ok, my face hurts…I can’t stop smiling 😉 Their little horns were disbudded over the weekend. It’s typical for dairy goats that are intended to be shown. It’s also safer if you have small children and family pets. You’d be surprised what those horns can do, even to other goats! If they’re are going to be dehorned, it’s safer, and kinder to do it now, not after they’ve grown in (that’s major surgery). Once the hair grows back, you won’t be able to tell.

      • Having goats with and without horns I’m a staunch supporter of NO HORNS. Such a pain to deal with and so much more destructive.
        Rachel Hoff´s last post…Living in Earthquake Country

  6. Adorable! I can imagine that you’re tempted to sit and watch them all day. So jumpy, and very capable already!
    Sue Langley´s last post…How we made our escape from the city and changed our lives

    • They are quite capable, although sometimes it’s funny to watch them as they try to get their front and rear legs coordinated. I’m determined to do something tomorrow…even if it’s just watering the greenhouse 😛

  7. Clare,

    They are the most adorable goats I have ever seen. Lotus really is something, your never going to get anything done on the farm now. The video, oh my these girls are going to be a handful….

    • They’re already a handful. They zip about so fast, they really keep you on your toes! You’re right though, it’s going to be difficult to do anything else around here, but somehow I will have to muster some self discipline 😉

  8. Good thing you got them different colored collars — now you can tell them apart! 😉

    Alan @ it’s not work, it’s gardening!´s last post…One-word Wednesday: growth

    • Haha! Well, in our defense, we picked out the collars before we saw the goats 😉 They don’t wear them most of the time, and never when they’re alone, but when we take them out to explore it’s helpful to have something to hang on to when necessary!

  9. Squeeeeee!!! They are the most adorable thing I’ve seen in ages! Almost as cute as puppies. I love the way they hop and prance around.
    Alison´s last post…Book Review: Handmade Garden Projects by Lorene Edwards Forkner

    • I didn’t expect them to be this much fun, and at least for me, I think they’re at least as cute as puppies (and their teeth aren’t as sharp 😉 ) It is fun to watch them in prancing-gazelle mode!

    • LOL, only 5 cutes? I’m kidding, of course (doh, pun intended) 😉

  10. Oh me – it’s gotta be tough to concentrate on anything else with those little ones around! Looks like you might need a butt-proof lens cover too. 😉
    Dave´s last post…A Honey of a School

    • You might be right! I wonder if Lotus saw her reflection in the lens. She was admiring herself in the door of the wine fridge last night…that, or she was planning a party 😉

  11. They both look adorable and no wonder you are so easily distracted. I watched the video while eating breakfast and I loved hearing their little bleeting……..just aswell they had that big stick in your house and didn’t start to chew on the furniture. Seeing they ‘spring’ about around the haystacks brought a smile to my face. How can you tear yourself away to the greenhouse?……..oh Clare life will never be the same again!
    [email protected]´s last post…Are You Drifting into Spring Yet?

    • So true, life will NEVER be the same again, in a good way of course! The big Pacific Madrone branch was a big hit with them. Saves nibbling on the furniture, and on each other 😉 The advantage of Madrone was that it’s a really hard wood, so they can gnaw on it without breaking lots of little pieces off!

  12. Ahhhh goats are ridiculously cute. Especially bouncy goats! I have already been living vicariously through you with your chickens, turkeys, and bees. Now add goats to the list! Could you get some peacocks and a llama too?
    Kaveh´s last post…Inventory for the Path Garden

    • I’d love to have peacocks, although I suspect the coyotes would love that too! Our terrain is certainly well suited to llamas 😉

  13. Oh my, how gorgeous they are. I just love the way they bounce instead of jump. On the video when they play on the hay bale … TOOO CUTE!!!!
    Christine @ The Gardening Blog´s last post…From my back deck

    • The bounce everywhere, and it really is hilarious to watch them, especially when the back end bounces farther, or faster, than the front end 😛

  14. And my name is marshmallow as that’s what these two have just turned me in to. Knew it would be an ‘A’ for adorable post and a great choice of names too, Clare. 🙂
    [email protected]´s last post…Tohoku to UK

    • For the names both of the Dams were named after cars. So sticking with the car theme, Lotus was named after one of my favorite cars, and Minerva was named after an early 20th Century American car. Minnie really fits at the moment…she’s so tiny (in stature, NOT personality) 🙂

  15. Oh my word, how cute they are!! Reminds me of the first goat we had as a pet! A handful on its own with no playmate. Needed our attention 24/7. Yours are ADORABLE!!

    AND the shed is a work of art!!

    • Oh, I can’t imagine a solo goat, you’d have to be with it constantly! 😉 These two really seem to relish each other’s company, but if one goes out of sight of the other, they get quite vocal about it!

  16. Clare they are just precious…they sound like a squeaky toy. Lotus definitely is more active and loves to eat anything, explore and jump…Minnie is so cute and definitely timid…I can see where you didn’t get anything done…I would want to spend all day with them…what a joy!!
    [email protected] Eye View´s last post…Gardens Eye Verse-March

    • I think our dogs think the same thing. At least our young one does. She hears them squeak and gets intensely curious. For now though, she’s not allowed near them. I don’t think she’d hurt them on purpose, but she’s so boisterous I don’t want to take any chances. Our old dog though looks like she just wants to snuggle down with them 🙂

  17. I just have one thing to say – SOOOOO CUTE!!! Congratulations on your new additions!
    Indie´s last post…A Berry Terrible Crime

    • Thanks Indie, they really are cute, and so gosh darned well behaved too. They’re putting our dogs to shame 😛

  18. OMG. I want them, I may steal Minnie, so beware. So darling.
    Donna´s last post…Fence It

    • We had two goats to choose from with Minnie, and I admit at first we thought we’d go with the other goat. I have to say though, I’m so glad we picked Minnie. She is the sweetest little goat I’ve ever met…and pocket-sized too! 😛

  19. Oh, my gosh – they are adorable!!! I can completely understand if you do nothing at all for the next few weeks except sit there watching this pair, and taking pictures. I can’t wait to hear more from these two!
    Holleygarden´s last post…My Goal

    • I do have a short chore list for today, but we’ll have to see how far I can make it down the list. Minnie and Lotus have their first vet visit this morning, but after that I do actually need to get a couple of non-goat related things done 😛

  20. They are so cute!! There’s no possible way I would have gotten anything done, either. Love them!

    • Productivity has definitely slowed here. I did manage to run a few errands yesterday, and will need to check the bees today, but I am spending an insane amount of time with these two. Besides, they’re only this small for a little while, and socialization is important 😉

  21. Oh so warm and fuzzy! If I were to go out and spontaniously adopt farm animals I would get baby goats. Inspired by you photos of course. Congratulations!
    Kathy M´s last post…Love the Meyer Lemons

    • Well, as you probably saw from the goat shed project, there wasn’t much spontaneous about getting goats for us 😉 They are adorable though, just a lot of work!

  22. Oh my! Those might be the two cutest little ones I’ve ever seen! Here I am trying my best to not succumb to the amazing possibilities of backyard goats…oy…

    • They’re very tempting aren’t they? It does seem that backyard goats are becoming popular once again, I just think it’s important to ‘ruminate’ on the notion for a while before taking the leap 😉

  23. I can see why you were entranced once they arrived. They are sweeties and I bet you still find it hard to drag yourself away from them. The goat house is a work of art too – I am sure they will enjoy their new home.
    easygardener´s last post…Blooming Friday – My Jewels

    • They seem to love bouncing around inside the barn, and zipping around the enclosure. They’re even starting to get the idea of a leash when we’re walking around other areas of the property too. Wish my dogs were this easy at that age 😉

  24. Way too cute! Lotus looks like she’s going to love mugging for the camera. Aww, makes me want to have goats again. They’re so fun to watch jump around and play. So, when are you going to start tours of your farm???
    Katie (Nature ID)´s last post…what do other blogspot bloggers do?

    • Lotus does seem fascinated with her own reflection. I think she’s going to be quite the ham!

  25. At first I was wondering who was using the squeaky toy and then realized, that’s the goats!! such funny little sounds they make and so delightful to watch. Thanks for sharing that video. I can’t imagine walking them, they bounce so much your arm will be entirely worn out.
    Marguerite´s last post…When to Prune Apple Trees

    • The biggest challenge on leash at the moment is getting both goats to go in the same direction. I think I might need longer arms 😉

  26. Sheesh, I watched that video twice, and then I left a comment. I guess my comment never made it through — I think I said something like “unbelievably adorable”.
    Town Mouse´s last post…Trouble in Paradise

    • WordPress gets a little cranky sometimes, it might have eaten your first comment…or maybe it was the goats 😛

  27. Congratulations to the little beauties – they’ve got a great owner, and they are stars of blogosphere!!!!

    • There’s no doubt that Minnie has diva potential. I’m sure she’ll insist on a few close-ups in the next goatie post 😉

  28. They are so cute, so precious, so beautiful! All your hard work is worth it. They have captured my heart, and I am sure they have captured yours.
    The Sage Butterfly´s last post…Emergence

    • After such a busy February, I am rather enjoying taking a little time out with them now they’re here. Besides, at the moment it’s raining, and I don’t really want to be out in the garden 😉

  29. Cute kids! 🙂
    Jean/Jean’s Garden´s last post…Signs of Spring: GBBD, March 2012

  30. haha! I see you are using the crate in the house with the goats too!! Its a slippery slope, soon they will be acting like dogs…
    Jess´s last post…Is Old the New New?