After a month of building the new goat shed, in anticipation of the arrival of our spring doelings, we can now finally introduce you to our two newest, and cutest, residents of Curbstone Valley Farm!

Our new goat babies arrived at the Farm last night!

Drumroll please!

Meet our two tiny Nigerian Dwarf dairy doelings…Castle Rock Farm’s Lotus & Minerva!

Just 10 days old…aren’t they adorable?

We collected these beautiful little does from the breeder yesterday afternoon.  It was a fabulous way to spend one of our very rare ‘days off’.  I would have posted about the babies sooner, but we’ve been a little…well, distracted…for the last 24 hours.

This is Lotus, daughter of Lost Valley TB Infinity, and Castle Rock Harvest Moon.

“Hi, I’m Lotus”

Lotus is a beautiful light colored buckskin, with lots of white, and gorgeous clear blue eyes, just like her Papa.

This is Minerva.

“Hi, I’m Minerva, but they call me Minnie”

She’s a darker buckskin with less white than Lotus, with a sweet little face, and beautiful brown eyes.  Minnie is the daughter of one of Infinity’s daughters, Castle Rock Karhmann Ghia, and Castle Rock Tanzanite.  In essence, Lotus’ mother, is also Minerva’s grandmother.

They’re both soooo tiny!  They’re also endlessly amusing to watch.  As predicted, I’m getting NOTHING done…nothing.  Zip, nada, zilch.

Lotus (left), Minnie (right)

Even in the few short hours since they arrived on the farm, the difference in their personalities is already very apparent.

So far, Lotus seems to be the brave explorer of the two, and is quite unfraid of anything.

Lotus always seems to have something in her mouth

Minnie seems a little more timid.  They’re both very friendly, and extremely sweet, Minnie just seems a little less sure of herself, and her new surroundings, but she’s coming out of her shell, and they haven’t even been on the farm 24 hours yet.

Minnie makes it past the barn door

They both have excellent appetites, and are no trouble at all to bottle feed.

One remarkable thing to note between them is that Lotus is a day younger than Minerva, but as you might notice in the video below, she is significantly larger than Minnie!  This size difference is because Lotus was a single kid.  Her Dam only had Lotus, whereas Minnie’s Dam had three doelings this year.  When does give birth to multiple kids, it’s normal for the kids to be a little smaller, but I suspect Minnie will catch up in no time.

“I won’t be a mini-Minnie for long”

With temperatures plunging into the 30’s overnight, Lotus and Minnie spent the night in their crate in the house as we don’t yet have a heat lamp in the barn.  Today though, once the sun warmed things up a bit, we finally ventured out to the barn to explore.

Lotus makes it to the top of a bale of a straw

The ‘barn’ seems a little large for them with as tiny as they are at the moment, but goats grow very quickly, even dwarf goats, so I’m sure they’ll grow into it.

They’ll grow into the barn soon…and their collars

This afternoon they really seemed to have a lot of fun bouncing around, and jumping over each other, and up on anything they could reach in the barn, and in the yard.

Lotus had no trouble jumping up on the new bench.

“Come up Minnie, it’s fun”

Poor Minnie found the bench a much bigger challenge though.

“Ooof…I’m trying, but I can’t reach”

Lotus encouraged her, but Minnie’s multiple attempts left her squarely on the floor.

“Maybe I should just stay here?”

Finally, with one last burst of determination though, she made it!

“Yay! I made it!”

I think they’re going to settle in nicely, and we’re going to have a lot of fun watching them grow!

“I think I’m too small for this feeder”

After less than 24 hours on the farm, I rather wish we’d done this sooner.

I’m hooked!

Lotus investigates the yard

We’ll post more about Lotus and Minnie soon, and hopefully by then my ability to photograph these two, as they zip from one end of the barn to the other will have improved too!

“Don’t go away, we’ll be back!”

First though, I have a LOT of catching up to do in the garden and greenhouse.  Just as soon as I can tear myself away…