It all started with chickens, when the Curbstone Valley Coop was founded with a small flock of Buff Orpington hens, the first year we arrived at the farm.

'Roo', a Buff Orpington hen, and a founding member of our flock

‘Roo’, a Buff Orpington hen, and a founding member of our flock

The primary coop currently houses an assortment of Buff Orpingtons, Delawares, Partridge Plymouth Rocks, Golden Laced Wyandottes, and Black Australorps.

We free range the hens under supervision, but due to the tenacious predators on the farm, including bobcats, and coyotes, when they can’t be supervised during the day they spend time in their predator-proof outdoor run.

Our resident rooster on the farm is a Dark Brahma, Frodo, named for his feathery feet.  Frodo resides in his own custom built portable tractor during the day, as it seems most of the predators here on the farm are just too attracted to this handsome fellow.

The original Buff Orpington hens are now retired, and living in the edible garden area.  They have a custom-built ark in the garden to keep them secure at night.  During the day they’re excellent bug catchers, consumers of weeds, and efficient kitchen waste recyclers. In return they supply us with lovely fresh brown organic eggs, and an almost endless supply of free fertilizer for the gardens.

In addition to the chickens we have a number of heritage turkeys that are resident on the farm, including Red Bronze, Standard Bronze, and Bourbon Red.

Jake, our Heritage Red Bronze Tom

This is Jenny, a Red Bronze hen, right after hatching out a clutch of 16 eggs!  She’s proven herself to be an excellent mother, and does a fabulous job raising her poults.

Our Red Bronze Hen, Jenny, with her new chicks

See this blog post for more about Jenny and her poults!

Heritage Bronze Poult

Heritage turkey breeds, like the Standard Bronze, are slow growing, can mate naturally, unlike their Broad-Breasted Bronze counterparts, and are long-lived.

Standard Bronze heritage Tom

Our Toms do an excellent job patrolling the property, keeping the deer at bay, and protecting the rest of the flock. For more about heritage turkeys, visit the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.