Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Originally of West African origin, the Nigerian Dwarf is an American breed, and the smallest of the recognized dairy goat breeds in the United States.

Nigerian Dwarf goats produce some of the richest, and most flavorful, milk of any dairy goat breed. Despite being small in stature, this breed is highly efficient, and can produce a remarkable volume of milk for its size. The creamy milk produced by our goats has become an important staple in the farm’s kitchen for our handcrafted cheeses, butter, and ice cream.

Lotus says "Cheeeese"

Lotus says “Cheeeese”

We make cheese on the farm regularly, and have been thoroughly impressed by cheese yield, flavor, and texture. Cow’s milk, in our opinion, pales in comparison on all three fronts. Even after making cheese, goat’s milk butter, and ice cream, we often find ourselves with a little extra milk. Fortunately, this milk is perfect for making the luxuriant goat milk soaps that are available in our online store.

Most importantly, with their winning, individual, and unique personalities, these small goats are a tremendous amount of fun to have around the farm.

Due to their small size this breed has become a very popular choice on the family homestead, small urban farm, and for children who wish to gain experience in the show ring. They’re wonderfully intelligent animals, easy to train, and remarkably personable. We honestly couldn’t imagine the farm without them.

Our goats are spoiled, but they deserve it!

Our goats are spoiled, but they deserve it!

Our herd to date is founded on the excellent conformation, and milking genetics, of Castle Rock Farm. As we continue to build up the herd we strive to source excellent quality animals, from reputable breeders, who emphasize both correctness in conformation, and performance in the milk pail.

Newborn Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Newborn Nigerian Dwarf Doe

As our emphasis is on raising productive dairy goats, with sound conformation, our herd is enrolled in the ADGA linear appraisal (LA) program. In addition, all does in milk participate in continuous 305-day milk test, through both the ADGA and AGS Dairy Herd Improvement (DHIR) performance programs.

All kids born on the farm are bottle raised, both to keep the kids well socialized, and for the sake of doe udder health. All milking does, including first fresheners, are milked twice daily throughout the length of their lactation.

We do not offer our bucks for outside breeding. If you wish to bring our genetics into your own herd, we recommend reviewing our proposed 2015 Breeding Schedule.  Kids sell quickly in the spring, so if you have an interest in a particular breeding, we recommend reserving the kid(s) of your choice in advance. Although we strive to keep the website current, you can contact us in advanced to inquire as to availability for a particular reservation. We may also occasionally have a few select animals for sale, listed on the sales page.

For detailed information about each of the animals in our herd, please see the following pages:


Our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), and the American Goat Society (AGS), and are eligible for registration with the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (NDGA).

At just 9 weeks-old, Curbstone Valley Mojave Rose wins her Grand Champion junior leg!

At just 9 weeks-old, Curbstone Valley Mojave Rose wins her Grand Champion junior leg!

We maintain a disease-free herd, and test all members of our herd annually for CAE and CL through the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL). Fecal PCR testing for Johne’s disease is conducted through the California Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS) Laboratory at UC Davis. New additions to the farm are quarantined and tested when they arrive on the farm before being introduced to the herd. Our entire herd was last tested October 2014, and determined to be negative for CAE, CL, and Johne’s disease.