Heirloom Kitchen Garden

The farm’s produce and herbs are grown in the heirloom kitchen garden. Each season we grow a collection of our favorite heirloom vegetables and herbs, primarily for use on the farm.

Summer Garden

Summer Garden

Herb Garden

The majority of the herb garden is situated within the heirloom garden, consisting of both annual and perennial herb varieties.

As our deer pressure here can be extreme, we also grow a variety of highly deer resistant herbs in landscaped areas outside of the main garden, including sage, rosemary, and a collection of Provence lavender, which is used both in cooking, and in our goat’s milk soaps.

Skipper feasting on Provence lavender

Skipper feasting on Provence lavender

For more about the varieties of heirloom vegetables, and herbs, we’re growing this season, see here.

Native Gardens

The majority of the property is native woodland, with small cleared areas for the gardens, poultry, and livestock. Much of our native gardening consists of removing invasive woodland species, and encouraging the growth of endemic native plants on the property.

The Fernald's Iris (Iris fernaldii) is an endemic native species that grows wild on the farm

The Fernald’s Iris (Iris fernaldii) is an endemic native species that grows wild on the farm

We also plant well-behaved native species that aren’t endemic to our watershed, but only in the landscaped areas of the property. For more about some of the species of native plants found growing on the farm, see here.