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About Us

Curbstone Valley Farm was founded by two crazy redheads, who have been together for over 30 years. ‘Farmwoman’, a Brit, and a Veterinarian, with a life-long passion for wildlife and nature, and her partner in crime, a native Californian, and Silicon Valley Engineer.

Tired of the Bay Area rat-race, congestion, and apartment living, they both retreated to the solitude of the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1993. There was a brief hiatus from the mountains while persuing a Doctorate at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, but the coast and mountains soon beckoned them to return.

Not long after returning to the Santa Cruz mountains, and securing a modest 7 acre plot, the farm was founded, initially with poultry (everyone’s favorite gateway farm animal). Something was missing, though, and it wasn’t long before the inevitable first goats joined the farm.

Contrary to popular belief, it was the engineer’s idea to get the goats. Their endearing personalities, incredible sweet and creamy milk, and endlessly entertaining antics, have inspired a genuine passion for the Nigerian Dwarf breed.

Inevitably, the herd outgrew the farm, and a few years later the farm was relocated from Scotts Valley, to nearby Ben Lomond. A truly special place, with abundant blackberry, redwood, and madrone, which the goats relish. 

Unfortunately, due to a historic wildfire in the region, that tore through the majority of the farm on the evening of August 20th, 2020, the herd is currently displaced, and we will be taking a hiatus from breeding for the spring 2021 season while the farm’s infrastructure is rebuilt. We appreciate your understanding.