Welcome to Curbstone Valley Farm

Founded in 2007, Curbstone Valley Farm is a small private family farm. Situated on eighteen secluded woodland acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains, along California’s Central Coast, the property is located in USDA Zone 9b (Sunset Western Garden Zone 15). Located 1900 feet above sea level, the farm is surrounded by majestic Redwoods, with scattered Fir, Madrone and Oak.

The farm’s focus is centered around our herd of ADGA and AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Our principle breeding goals are focused toward excellence in the show ring, and dairy production. Curbstone Valley is an ADGA Plus Performance Herd. Our does participate in continuous 305-day DHIR milk testing, ADGA Linear Appraisal, and all breeding animals are DNA-typed for parentage verification of offspring, and alpha-S1 casein.  The herd is tested annually for CAE, CL, and Johne’s Disease, and has been a disease negative herd since the herd was founded.

When we’re not busy in the barn, we maintain an heirloom open-pollinated kitchen garden, and an heirloom orchard. Areas outside the fenced gardens are planted with a variety of California native plants, and deer-resistant, drought tolerant, flowering annuals and perennials, to encourage a diverse array of pollinators to the farm. To protect our waterways, and the farm’s resident wildlife, all of our gardens are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

The apiary is primarily for pollination of the gardens and orchard, but also provides honey and wax for our handmade goat milk soaps. The colonies are managed organically. We emphasize requeening with hygienic stock, including Saskatraz. By employing drone brood trapping, seasonal colony divisions, and selecting for strong over-wintering colonies, varroa burdens can be kept relatively low, along with the diseases vectored to the mites. 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

The Gardens


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