As we haven’t shown you the goaties in a while, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of our goats on a typical lazy summer day.  As show season is over, and they’re not doing much at the moment to help on the cheesemaking front, they pretty much get to do whatever they want.  There’s no question, in my mind at least, that they have a good thing going!

Early in the mornings we walk down the road to the barn to feed the girls.  Minnie usually hears our footsteps first, and starts yelling for breakfast, even before we’ve had a chance to open the gate. For Lotus though, it usually takes her a little more effort to wake up.


“Hi! Hi! Hi! What’s for breakfast!?”

“Yay HAY! If I’m quick, I can eat the alfalfa before Lotus does”

“HAY! Er…I mean HEY! I heard that!”

“Mmm! Fresh mineral! Yum!”

After breakfast, the girls usually expect a treat.  Nooooo, they’re not spoiled…not OUR goaties!

“Pulleeeeeeze? You know you can’t say no to me when I tilt my head like this”

“NooOOoo!?! Really? Bbb…bbb…but look how weak I am…I…must…have…treeeeeats…”

“heehee…that gets her every time!”

Typically sometime after second breakfast, the girls usually then do a few rounds of head butting, zipping around the barn and yard, and playing shove your barn-mate off your favorite goatie bench.

“Lotus, this is mine, shove over!”

Of course, if they notice my camera lens, they usually come over to investigate.

“Oh Lotus, really? You just don’t get this camera thing do you?”

“How about now?”

“Can you see me now?”

“I totally get this camera thing! See? She’s not paying any attention to YOU! Heehee”

Usually by now, having spent entirely too much time with the goats, it’s time for me to leave and get something productive done.   Early afternoon, after lunch, I try to check on them again though.  By then their tummies are usually full, and I tend to find a pile of sleepy goats on the deck.  Nap time, for Lotus at least, is a very important part of the day!

“Awwww…c’mon Lotus, don’t take a nap…I wanna play!”

“Minnie, go lay down, I’m sleepy!”

“I just need…”



“But the deck is uncomfortable! OK, I’ll try sleeping over here then”

“…nope, this really needs a pillow…”

“Minnie, are you kidding me? You’re a GOAT! You don’t need a pillow!”

“I’m really not sleepy today. LOTUS!!! Are you asleep?”

“**sigh** I don’t suppose it would do any good to say yes?”

“I’m bored…maybe…”

“…It’s time for a snack!”

“As long as I’m awake…and Minnie’s hogging the feeder…might I bother you for a scratch?”

“Ahhhh…that’s the spot!”

“Much better! Thanks!”

At which point, it’s usually time for me to get back to work.

“Nooooo! Wait! You’re leaving? But…”

Don’t worry girls, I’ll be back in time for dinner, and maybe we know where to find you some blackberry leaves for dessert.