After this weekend’s rain, a rare 2.95 inches for June, I’ve been so busy outside this week that I’m getting a little behind on the blog.  Hopefully our second annual view of spring through the office window will help make up for that though. 

After all, what’s not to like about twin fawns bedecked with spots in spring?  It is easy to forget just how much damage was done in the orchard last year when the deer fence was repeatedly breached.

We really are so fortunate to live here, and even though we often grumble as we watch the resident black-tailed deer testing the edges of the deer fence throughout the year, we’d have to be rather hard-hearted if we didn’t admit that these spirited little ones are absolutely adorable.

Besides, they’re too young to get into too much trouble yet.

Last year this same doe had twins that we posted about in our Seeing Spots post.  They’re all grown up now, a yearling doe and buck, and are actually still traveling with this doe this spring.

We’ve seen the twins around now for the last couple of weeks, but this is the first time they’ve dropped in to pay the chickens and turkeys a visit this year, and I actually had the camera handy.

Between the doe, the twin yearlings, and now this year’s crop of twins, we had a small herd of FIVE deer chomping through the weeds near the chicken coop.

Just another fabulous spring day at Curbstone Valley.

It just wouldn’t spring without spotty fawns, and I expect we’ll see more before the season is over.  We’ll just hope the orchard fence stays secure.

I wonder if this doe will have twins again next year?