This morning we were out feeding the bees, and suddenly heard a cacophony of birds in the orchard.  Looking out toward the aprium tree, I could see two adult Lesser Goldfinches (Spinus psaltria) perched on the edge of the nest we found a couple of weeks ago.

I incorrectly presumed them to be American Goldfinches in my last post about these nesting birds, although having only seen the female, I had my doubts.  This morning though I managed to get a good look at both parents side by side, and they’re clearly Lesser Goldfinches, now with FOUR hungry mouths to feed.

Judging by the size of the babies it’s been a little while since they hatched, and they’re looking a little crowded in their tiny, and rather messy, nest.

That’s not all though. I snuck a covert peek around the corner of the house, and found the female Pacific-Slope Flycatcher (Empidonax difficilis) sitting a little taller on her nest than usual.


Sure enough, when she left a little while later I slowly crept to within view, and low and behold, all of the Flycatcher eggs have hatched too!

These hatchlings are much younger than the Goldfinches, and still very vulnerable as the nest is in plain view on the side of the house, and quite low to the ground.  They look a day or two older than the ones we found last year, that only lived for a day before their nest was robbed by predators.  Hopefully the parents can keep these young ones safe this year, and we’ll soon have lots of young fledglings scrabbling about the garden.