New Additions: Neve Ice

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It’s now officially the first day of spring, and a perfect time to introduce you to the newest addition to the farm. Meet Castle Rock Neve Ice.

Castle Rock Neve Ice

Castle Rock Neve Ice

Neve or Névé (pronounced nei-vei): Also called FirnA snowfield at the head of a glacier that becomes transformed into ice.

Over the last two years it’s become a bit of a running joke that any goat we place a kid reservation on, will be guaranteed to kid with the complete opposite of what we’ve reserved. That’s the way it goes with baby goat reservations sometimes. Each season is always a little bit of a gamble. Reserve a buck, and the dam will have triplet doelings. Reserve a doe, and she’ll have quadruplet bucks instead. Don’t laugh, the latter just happened to us this season!

Neve is incredibly sweet, and loves people

Neve is incredibly sweet, and loves people

Not a single outside reservation we made last year transpired. Not one. After our other reservations also fell through this season, it looked like history might be about to repeat itself. That was until, finally, this beautiful little doeling broke the curse, and made her debut into the world. I think you’ll agree, she was most definitely worth the wait!

I'm absolutely smitten with this doe

I’m absolutely smitten with this doe

Neve Ice is the daughter of SGCH CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M 3*D VEEE91, and CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon *S.

Castle Rock Neve Ice

Castle Rock Neve Ice

I have long admired Neve’s dam, Castle Rock Blizzard, so I’m absolutely thrilled to bring her daughter to Curbstone Valley. Blizzard has everything we look for in a dairy doe. She’s long, smoothly blended, with a level and wide rump, and has excellent body capacity. Blizzard has a very capacious udder that continues to improve, both in production, and in texture, as she ages, and as a bonus, Blizzard has scored in Top Ten during one day milk test on more than one occasion.

Who couldn't love that face?

Who couldn’t love that face?

At first glance Neve looks like a similar, but darker, version of her sire Castle Rock Harvest Moon. However, she has an unmistakable, graceful, and feminine, quality about her.

I can't help it, I love her color!

I can’t help it, I love her color!

Although color does nothing for dairy production, I secretly admit that this red and white color combination is my hands down favorite, but then again, I’ve always been partial to redheads. Just ask Mr. Curbstone!

This is the second Harvey daughter we’ve brought to the farm. The first, Castle Rock Lotus, is currently the highest producing doe here on the farm.

Castle Rock Neve Ice

Castle Rock Neve Ice

Harvey already has four finished ADGA champion daughters, and this breeding with Blizzard was a repeat of the breeding that produced GCH Castle Rock Snownamie 4*D VEEE 90, Neve’s full, albeit older, sister. It goes without saying that we have very high hopes for Neve Ice, and we are greatly looking forward to watching her grow and mature.

Neve with her new best friend

Neve with her new best friend

"Oof! Sorry, didn't see you there"

“Oof! Sorry, didn’t see you there”

"Look out, here I come!"

“Look out, here I come!”

However, as of today Neve is just two weeks old. Since she arrived at the farm this last weekend she’s been settling in very well. Just like any other baby goat, she loves to run, jump, bounce…

Just when the lizards thought it was safe, a new baby goat shows up in the pasture!

Just when the lizards thought it was safe, a new baby goat shows up in the pasture!

…and fly!



If she’s not bouncing around on rocks, or taking flying lessons, you’ll probably find her relaxing in the hay bucket…

Clearly Neve thought the feed bucket made a cozy bed

Clearly Neve thought the feed bucket made a cozy bed

At the moment she’s the smallest, and youngest goat in the herd, but she’s had no trouble making friends, or making herself at home. After Mariposa Lily has kidded we’ll make some updates to the website, and add Neve Ice, and this season’s retained does, to the Junior Does page.

In the meantime, welcome to the farm, Neve!



  1. Well, she has plenty of company this month. She’s a pretty girl, too. Beautiful butterscotch and warm-looking for such a icy cold name. And she has the requirement you need,…she’s photogenic!
    Sue Langley´s last post…Interesting glass insulators indoors and in the garden

    • She’s incredibly photogenic, but she’s also extremely velcro. It took a little while to convince her to get far enough away from my feet so that I could photograph her 😉 I also love she’s extremely snuggly too. I predict that we have another lap-goat in the making!

  2. Oh yeah, she’s a sweetie! I’m partial to redheads, too, even though I didn’t marry one. 😉 We all have touches of auburn, and my grandfather was a redhead. I can’t get over how snuggly and adorable your goats are!
    PlantPostings´s last post…Patience, really?

    • Neve is extra snuggly! We do go out of our way here to raise very friendly goats. Of course, that usually means the weeds in the garden get a reprieve this time of year, while we spend our time ‘socializing’ the new additions to the herd 😉

  3. Oh Clare she is just the most adorable thing I have ever seen…I could just snuggle with her forever.
    [email protected]´s last post…Tearing Down The Walls

    • I do snuggle with her, often. I love this little doe. Like me, she’s a bit of a feisty redhead, but after a warm bottle of milk she melts into a snuggly ball of fluff. I’m so happy she’s here 🙂