It’s Christmas Eve, and there’s a lot of excitement on the farm, as the Curbstone Valley elves, and Santa’s little helpers, are busy with last minute preparations for the holidays.

The tree is lit...

The tree is lit…

The Christmas decorations are up.

...the ornaments are hung

…the ornaments are hung

The presents are wrapped, and there’s a flurry of baking going on in the Curbstone Valley kitchen.

Santa may need to loosen his belt

Santa may need to loosen his belt

You may not have known this, but it turns out that in case one of Santa’s reindeer can’t fly on Christmas Eve, each year a few very special goats are chosen to attend Santa’s Reindeer Auxiliary Flight School during the year.  In case there’s an emergency, these specially trained goats can help to pull Santa’s sleigh.  You didn’t know that, did you?  Neither did we!


Our flying Lotus, Curbstone Valley’s resident reindeer in training

As you can see, Lotus took her training very seriously!

However, recently we had to break it to Lotus that due to strict North Pole flight safety regulations, she’s been grounded.  Because she’s now pregnant, this holiday season at least, there would be no flying, or sleigh pulling.

"Maybe I can help Santa next year"

“I understand. Maybe I can help Santa next year!”

Although she was disappointed, Lotus took the news very well, handed off her antlers, and suggested that maybe Minnie could take her place instead?

"Do you really think Santa will really let me pull his sleigh?"

“Do you think Santa will really let me pull his sleigh?”

We explained to Minnie that only under exceptional circumstances, if one of Santa’s special reindeer were hurt, or sick, might she be asked to help. Just in case, Minnie is taking this responsibility very seriously.  Over the last few weeks she’s spent a lot of time in the barn practicing, and getting into the festive spirit. We’ve even caught her singing a few holiday songs…


Minnie LOVES to sing!

So, while Lotus takes it easy, and Minnie is on standby in the barn, and the rest of the farm’s elves finish their last minute preparations, we’d like to wish all of our family, friends, and readers, both near and far, all the peace, love, and joy of the holiday season, and throughout the coming New Year!

Happy Holidays, from Curbstone Valley Farm

Happy Holidays, from Curbstone Valley Farm

So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,
With the sleigh full of toys — and St. Nicholas too:

And then in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof…