This Good Friday is our first ‘Fowl Friday’ at the farm.  Time for an update on our Spring Peeps…

Easter Peeps

No no no…not MARSHMALLOW Peeps…THESE Peeps!

Curbstone Valley Peeps

It’s difficult to believe that our new chicks are almost a week old!  Since their arrival on Monday, all the chicks have been going between bouts of all-you-can-eat-buffet…quickly followed by a power-nap-attack.  Sometimes the naps sneak up on them so fast, they fall asleep standing up!  It’s been quite amusing watching as some of them start to drift off, slowly dropping their little beaks downward, until they’re beak-down in the litter on the brooder box floor.

Power-napping Peeps

Nap-attacks of course are quickly interrupted by the one lone chick that of course is WIDE awake while everyone else is sleeping.  To liven up the party, said chick usually launches itself across the brooder box, stepping on any peeps that might be in the way.  At which point, the entire box erupts into a chorus of cheeps, and everyone goes back to the buffet.

...and we're all awake again...

This hasn’t been the only activity this week though. Between eating and napping…napping and eating…the chicks have been busily working on their new suits.  There’s no question that someday the fluff will give way to feathers, and so far, the wing feathers are growing in at a mighty clip!  Most of the chicks have even been seen with just faintest hint of tail feathers emerging too.

One week - wing feathers growing in, and a hint of tail feathers too!

Our older hens had a little excitement too this week, when a Bobcat decided to pay them a visit in broad daylight.  I only just barely managed to capture a few seconds of video as he was making a hasty retreat.

Of course, we also have a peek at week old peeps.

Don’t forget to stop in next week as we continue to follow the chick’s growth!  Happy Easter!


We realize it is Easter week this week, but we’d like to remind everyone that Curbstone Valley Farm does NOT advocate purchasing chicks for Easter as gifts.  Many such animals are abandoned each year at local animal shelters soon after the holidays.  Chickens, especially baby chicks, require specialized care and attention far beyond the realm of the holiday week, and should never be acquired impulsively.  Please carefully consider whether or not you and your family can devote the time and resources necessary to raising and caring for chickens before purchasing chicks from your local feed stores.