This week we made a concerted effort to get into the spirit of the season.

Is it really only two weeks until Christmas?

For some reason we seem to be in denial that the holidays are now only a couple of weeks away.  So, it was time to grab the tree…


We learned last year NOT to let the dog help carry the tree...

…retrieve our ornaments from the dark recesses of the closet…


The Curbstone Valley holiday tree has a chocolate and copper-colored theme

including some lovely inedible poinsettias (when you have animals, you strive for holiday decorations that are non-toxic and can’t be easily consumed).


Even the poinsettias are copper

With the tree in place, finally feeling a little festive, our attention was turned toward the coop.  You may have noticed here and here, that we always include the chickens in the season’s festivities, and Christmas is no exception.


The Curbstone Coop is now lit up for the holidays

The turkeys however are much more wary than the chickens, and very easily alarmed, so we only did a smidge of holiday sprucing to the turkey pen, including just a few lights at the very top of the pen…


Top of the turkey pen

We left the lights off the wreath though, as Jenny seemed to be bewildered enough by the wreath ribbons.


"Can I eat these?"

The pullets though seemed to enjoy our efforts.  Our white Delawares are probably the closest we’ll get to anything snowy this season.


Festive Snow-Fowl

I think we’ll draw the line at teaching the girls to sing holiday carols though…

Do you have festive fowl this holiday season?


When decorating for the holidays, please be mindful of pet safety.  Many holiday plants, including poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, ivy and amaryllis can be toxic to pets.  For more tips on keeping your pets safe this holiday season, click here.