It’s our second ‘Fowl Friday’ since the chicks arrived at the farm, and they are only two weeks old, but there’s no question that they’re growing…fast!  All of the chicks have done very well since their arrival, and are tremendously healthy.

Uh she looking at us?

We’re now starting to see a lot less fluff and more feathers, especially on the wings and tails.  Perhaps it’s just more noticable on the lighter colored chicks, but this Delaware seems to have a lot of feathers that have grown in already.  Note the length of her tail feathers!


The feathers on this Delaware have grown a lot in a week, and a slight hint of barring in the feathers is starting to show

Her comb is also becoming more prominent.

The comb is becoming more prominent on a number of chicks, including this Delaware

There is noticable variability in growth between the breeds.  Of the six breeds we have, the mystery Cochin seems to be the slowest to feather in so far.


Our mystery cochin

…well, except for the feet.

There's no denying it...these are Hobbit feet!

Don’t these look like Hobbit feet?  If our mystery bird turns out to be a rooster, we may have to call him Frodo!

The Partridge Plymouth Rocks are starting to show some lovely pattern in the wing feathers.

The pattern is starting to show on this Partridge Rock's wings

All the chicks thus far though still have a substantial amount of fluff on their heads and necks.

Buff Orpington

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Black Australorp

Partridge Plymouth Rock

As would be expected the chicks have been sleeping less this week, and eating  a lot more!

No doubt by next week there’ll be even more significant changes in their appearance…don’t forget to check back next Friday!