This seems to be the time of year that our chickens and turkeys fear the most. Each year, at the end of October, a new face suddenly appears in the poultry yard.

“LOOK! It’s back again!”

Usually the turkeys and chickens are only too happy to consume any of the summer and winter squash that we offer them.

This Boston Marrow was devoured by the turkeys in just a few hours

However, for some reason, carving a face into a pumpkin initially incites a tremendous amount of suspicion among the birds.

“Hey you, who are you, and what do you want?”

“…and why are you in MY yard?!”

“You don’t belong here…scram!”

If you saw our last turkey post, you know that J.J. does NOT take kindly to strangers in his yard, and even if intruders are bigger than him, he usually succeeds in getting his point across.

This time though, J.J. just didn’t know what to make of the strange goings on.

“Are you deaf? I said…SCRAM!”



Apparently, our carved curcubits have turned our Tom turkey into a chicken!

In fairness though the chickens, although leery at first, are usually less timid than the turkeys, and the first to venture forth for a closer look.

“Who’s the new guy?”

As you may recall from previous Fowloweens pumpkins don’t usually survive the chickens for long.

“I don’t trust him…he’s too quiet”

Our Golden Laced Wyandottes, though, aren’t usually afraid of much.  This hen decided to take a closer look.

“Silly turkeys, see, he’s not THAT scary”

Before long the rest of the hens wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

“I wonder what it’s for?”

“Hello? Anyone home?”

The turkey hens though were still quite scared, and afraid to get too close.

“Oh, be careful! It’s not safe!”

I didn’t realize I’d carved such a scary pumpkin this year!

At some point though I expect the poultry will remember that pumpkins are actually very tasty.  After all, this is what they did to the last one…

“I told you we’d wipe that smug expression off your face!”

If I was this pumpkin, I think I’d be more than a little scared.

It looks like he’s still smiling though, for now…

We’ll have to see what happens over the next couple of days.  In the meantime…

Happy Fowloween!