This post should have images of beautiful fall leaves turning color with the season, like these…

Fall has arrived at Curbstone Valley

…but, here at Curbstone Valley, sometimes fall takes on a different meaning.


Fall is also a time for falling trees

We had three inches of rain this last weekend, and the first significant rains of the season occasionally cause one of our trees to fall.  Sometimes the trees don’t come down until a few days after wet weather, once they’ve absorbed moisture from the soil after our long dry summers.  Sure enough, shortly after dark last night a fir tree decided to fall across our road by the creek.  With the road blocked the only way to the house was on foot, as poor Mr. Curbstone discovered when he arrived home after a long day.

Although some of our projects occasionally get postponed in favor of others, trees blocking the road require our immediate attention.  Dinner was simmering on the stove, but rather than reaching for a knife and fork, it was time to grab some safety gear, the tractor key, and a chainsaw.

Mandatory minimum equipment when you live in the woods

It was dark, but fortunately the headlights from the tractor provided sufficient light to work by.  As it was late, we cut the center section of the trunk, and pulled it off the road, and waited until this morning to see what we were left with.

This is less than half of the tree that fell across the road. The cut section on the left was blocking the road last night.

Apparently we now have another construction project to take care of this weekend.  As the tree fell across the bridge leading to the house, it took out an entire section of bridge railing.

The bridge railing should look like this

This entire section was destroyed when the tree fell


Only this section of the bridge was damaged, fortunately

Fortunately, except for the railings, the rest of the bridge is solid concrete, and other than one of the bridge pillars chewing up a piece of the tree trunk as it fell, the rest of the bridge seems unscathed.

The trunk clipped this pillar as it fell

We’ll need to buck up the rest of the tree trunk, chip the canopy branches, and repair the bridge over the weekend, but on the upside, at least the road is open again…

Farm Road

We hope your fall is falling a little less than ours!