Just for fun, in this age of smart-phones, PDAs, and online calendars, I still put together a personalized old-fashioned paper calendar each year to hang on our kitchen or office wall.  In past years my electronic brains have failed me.  They crash, the batteries die, I often forget to sync them, and honestly, when you’re up to your elbows in compost and transplanting, it’s just downright inconvenient to use them.  Most days I find the old fashioned pencil and paper methods still work the best.

2011 calendar cover, featuring our favorite fowl, Frodo.

In previous years we’ve chosen our favorite single photograph for our annual calendar.  This year, feeling rather indecisive, we couldn’t choose just one image, so we went the whole hog, and selected a collection of images from our past year’s blog archives for each of the twelve months.  As such, for 2011 we’ve put together a calendar with some of our favorite farm-centric photographs, of animals, native plants, and produce, from the past year.

Each month features three images, with caption (click any image to enlarge)

We put together this calendar just for us, but a few have asked us how they can obtain copies of our elusive Curbstone Valley calendar for themselves, so this year we’ve chosen to use a print-on-demand publisher so we can share!

Each page measures 13.5"x19"

For 2011 this is a large-format, twelve month calendar, spiral bound above the photographs.  Each month is a full page measuring 13.5 x 19 inches tall.  There’s lots of room to scribble important upcoming dates of note, and events, without our busy days becoming too crowded and illegible.

Detail showing the layout for each month

The print-on-demand company we’ve chosen to use this year does ship internationally.  For a preview of the entire calendar, see below:

After such a drama-filled year, including an attempted assault by a bobcat yesterday afternoon, we felt that our favorite rooster, Frodo, deserved to make this year’s cover.  He is also featured as ‘Mr. October’.  To see all of the images included in this year’s calendar, see the full preview here.

Let’s hope our new calendar helps to keep us better organized in 2011.  Enjoy!