A Frightful Fowloween!

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This frightful Fowl-oween the hens have been helping to investigate some rather suspicious activity on the farm.

"Uh oh...it's Fowl-oween!"

Last night, just as the sun set, and I was about to make dinner, the power suddenly went out to the entire farm.

At the time, the hens were safely tucked away in their coop for the night, but something very sinister was transpiring in the dark.

"ArrRRRrrgh...that hurt!" I wondered what happened to that knife...

In the dark of night, it seems this curcubit was CARVED to pieces!

Was this merely a carving accident?  Or perhaps an intentional, brutal, and targeted attack?  A random incident, or foreboding of more fiendish things to come?

When questioned at length…the hens professed they saw nothing.

"Honestly, we saw nothing! How could we?"

I’d forgotten, with their peepers on, they probably didn’t see a thing.

In an effort to find out who could commit such a fowl crime, the girls were tasked with searching for clues…

"Oh dear...are those brains?"

…to help determine how this poor curcubit with the carved cranium could have met its demise.

...they searched high and low...

All of the hens eagerly volunteered to carefully sift through the evidence.

"No...nothing of significance here...nom...nom...nom"

Although clearly the girls weren’t following normal CSI procedures, as most of the morning they worked on collecting consuming the majority of the evidence.


This left even fewer clues as to the perpetrator of this heinous crime.

Alas, as with gardening, it was very difficult keeping the hens focused on the task at hand.

Then I overheard one hen suggest this pumpkin clearly must have owed the Farm wife some money.

"Pssst...I think I know who did it...she's over there"

She said she’d heard ‘rumors’ about the Farm wife before, and didn’t trust her, not one bit.  Rumors!?

"Don't tell, but I have my suspicions"

…but this hen, after much consideration, was convinced the turkeys must know something about the events surrounding this case.

"Have you asked the turkeys if they saw something?"

On cross examination though, Jake denied that any of the turkeys had any knowledge or involvement, although they’d be willing to cooperate with the investigation.

"Did you see anything?"

I wondered though, were they really innocent?

Or could this be evidence of a cover up?!

Found in the turkey pen, this Boston Marrow is a mere shell of its former self

No wonder this poor pumpkin looks scared.

"George? Is that you? Speak to me George"

Insisting on their innocence, Jake offered to search for clues…

"Nope...nothing here"

…but then Jenny piped up, and said it MUST have been those darned crows, they’re always up to no good.

"Look, there they are, it must have been the CROWS!"

Personally, I’m not sure about knife-wielding crows though.


Unfortunately, it seems the case of the carved curcubit may never be solved, unless you can see some evidence they missed?

Happy Fowl-oween!

Have a safe Fowloween!

Trick or Cheep!


  1. Very fabulous and funny, and I’ll bet you had fun making it too!!! I’l was lol-ing at the scary music and how it synced with the girls!

    • I did have fun, although the turkeys weren’t being terribly cooperative. They’re still standing around the edge of their pen looking at the puking pumpkin suspiciously…or maybe it’s guilt? 😉

  2. Ha! Better call Miss Marple….it looks like a Murder Most Fowl to me!
    Dave´s last post…October Breads

    • ’twas a fowl crime indeed…we still don’t know whodunnit 😛

  3. Wonderful! Thoroughly enjoyed this and as for that music who is it? Something very fishy going on at Curstone Valley this season. I definitely suspect fowl play. Very suspicious indeed! Happy Halloween


    • I found the music while I was putting together the Fowloween post last year, but ended up using something different for that post. This piece is called “The Devil’s Candy Shop” by Nigel Simmons. It’s freely available online. Seemed like a better match for Fowloween this year. I think last year we used Mark Harvey’s more sinister sounding “Lagoon”.

  4. Really cute, Clare. The culprit was likely a poultry-geist, in my opinion.

    Here, my Scrub jays are all in their crow costumes and practicing their “Caw-caws” ready for it to get dark!

    ‘From ghoulies and ghosties
    And long-leggedy beasties
    And things that go bump in the night,
    Good Lord, deliver us!’ LOL!
    Sue Langley´s last post…Western bluebirds in the Sierra foothill garden

    • Sue, I think you might be on to something…I hadn’t considered a poultry-geist 😛 Our Stellar’s Jays are impersonating the hawks this morning (that’s what really got the turkeys to look straight up)!

  5. That was quite a fowl murder of the pumpkins…loved it!!
    [email protected] Eye View´s last post…Light

    • Glad you enjoyed it Donna. I think the chickens enjoyed it too, they always get extra treats on Fowloween 😉

  6. Clare, so clever, and I think you should make it into a childrens book for next year. The pumpkin expressions are great.
    Diana´s last post…Roasted Squash and Apple Soup

    • I think if I did that, I might want to substitute the chef’s knife for a plastic one 😉

  7. What a fun post and a delightful video! Your hens all look so cute in their little red pince-nez. Are your turkeys all grown up now?
    Alison´s last post…Jungle Fever Exotics

    • They almost are all grown up. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find Jenny in the flock, and one of the young Toms is actually taller than her now, and looking every bit as handsome as Jake. Don’t tell Jake I said that though…we don’t want him getting a swollen head 😛

  8. What a fun post. I love that photo of all the turkeys looking straight up. I had forgotten that you have rather a lot of turkeys this season.
    Marguerite´s last post…Happy Halloween!

    • Thanks to Jenny, we do have rather a few more turkeys than planned! 😉

  9. You surely must have had fun solving (or not) the mystery. The hens do seem to love the pumpkins. I am a bit of a Halloween grinch, however. My pumpkin smiling in the window is one that mother made years ago in her ceramics class for my daughters. I put it out each year and forgo the mess, but perhaps next year our hens might enjoy some pumpkin. Did you grown your own pumpkins? Great music and great fun.

    • Halloween used to be almost as big a festive occasion for us as Christmas. However, we live in some very spooky woods now, and trick-or-treaters never make it up our long winding road. We still love to carve pumpkins though, and now we have so many fowl on the farm, it only seems right not to waste them. The turkeys get most of the pumpkin seeds though, as they’re a little tough for the chickens to digest. For the ‘brains’ I scooped out a purpose grown oversized 10 lb zucchini, and one Delaware at least seemed to really enjoy eating them!

      We did grow most of our own pumpkins this year, but these two we picked up from a local farm. Most of ours were heirlooms, and we weren’t willing to carve them 😉

  10. Hi Clare, this was so much fun to read and watch!!!! I love the carvings and the “story” you wove!
    Happy Howl-o-ween to you and your fowl-family:)

    • Glad you enjoyed it Christine. Hope you had a fun Halloween!

  11. Thanks for the entertainment…brill!

    • As you can see, we take Fowloween perhaps a little too seriously here 😛

  12. This was such a cute post. I love your pumpkins, such creative carving. The video was fun too. The photo of the turkeys looking up is so expressive, it really looks like the are engrossed in the mystery.
    Donna´s last post…Word 4 Wednesday in Photos – Ephemeral

    • I started to carve yet another puking pumpkin, but I thought mine looked more in pain, than sick. So the knife, and oozing zucchini brains seemed to suit it better…hmmm…that sounds odd 😉 Maybe that hen was right about the Farm wife after all…LOL.

  13. Love it!!–Too funny!! Great creative pumpkin carvings 🙂
    Rebecca´s last post…Happy Halloween

    • Thanks Rebecca, it’s fun to do this for the turkeys and chickens, especially as they get to enjoy the end product. We’ll have vivid orange yolks in our eggs for a while after this 😉

  14. Hahahahaha…that was absolutely awesome! Thanks for that!!!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Melissa, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  15. It seems another mystery has been solved by the hens. They should take it public or have their own CSI show. It could be called CSI: Hensville. Very, very cute!
    The Sage Butterfly´s last post…Autumn Amble – W4W Ephemeral

    • CSI: Hensville, I love it 😀

  16. Enjoyed your story! Awesome 🙂
    nhgarden´s last post…What Lurks in an Autumn Walk

    • Thanks Chris, we enjoyed making it…even if the hens weren’t all that cooperative in regards to solving the crime 😉

  17. Move over, Steven Spielberg,and make way for Clare! Your video was funny and suspenseful and clearly shows the hens must have been in on it. The farmer’s wife may have done the deed, but they enjoyed the pumpkin guts way too much.
    debsgarden´s last post…Fall Foliage by Train and Glider Plane

    • Pumpkin guts are the best part, and 9 out of 10 turkeys agree! 😉

  18. This is sooo funny! LOL! Love your photos too!

    • Thanks One, it’s always fun to inject a little fun into Hallowe’en 🙂

  19. Fun way to spend my lunch break at work! Our trick or treaters come in a truck and it’s all pre-arranged. Life in the mountains! I’m not much for Halloween myself, and I like having them come in one batch! I also read the peepers post – very interesting. The things I learn from your blog 🙂
    Country Mouse´s last post…November First Views – Country Mouse

    • We have no prearranged trick-or-treaters, other than the fowl. And yes, in the mountains it’s usually wise not to randomly walk up someone’s driveway you don’t know! 😯

  20. Loved the post Clare, good to see the proceeds of crime were equally carved up! I’m late for Halloween, but I’m saving the video to watch with my daughter tomorrow, she’ll love it too 🙂
    I’ve been lurking about here and there and the resident bee keeper (or ‘bee-haver’ perhaps, they make it too easy for us over here) and I did find your post on the Chamomile Hive extremely informative, thanks!
    Heidi´s last post…Where was I?

    • Good to see you about Heidi. I hope your daughter enjoys the video. Glad you found the Chamomile post informative. It was a bit long-winded, but it seems few things are simple and straightforward with bees these days 😉

  21. I am behind on reading blogs but I am glad I stopped by for this fowl tail.
    Carolyn @ Carolyn’s Shade Gardens´s last post…Happy Birthday Carolyn’s Shade Gardens

    • Thanks for stopping by Carolyn, and happy blog birthday to you! 🙂

  22. Wow, this is so much fun! I need to drop by your blog more often. I love the whimsical jack-o-lanterns, and the chickens investigating–how entertaining!

    • We do have fun with Fowloween, which is becoming very much a tradition around here. It’s a shame it only comes around once a year though 😛

  23. Stone the crows this is so much more exciting than those murder mystery weekends. All the cast played their part so well but it seems to be the farmer’s wife in the yard with a cleaver.
    Laura @ PatioPatch´s last post…My world just got a whole lot bigger

  24. Just brilliant, Clare! Very entertaining 🙂

    Had to leave a comment on this post with eldest daughter having just turned 21 this Halloween. Thanks for stopping by my blog, enjoy the rest of your weekend investigations… personally I think the butler did it… he’d have access to knives too 😉
    shirl´s last post…Garden Fireworks & Wildlife