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Curbstone Valley Ianeira 7*M 2*D AR 3171

Born: March 9, 2016     Height: 22″ at 3 Years

Sire: CH Curbstone Valley Desert Indigo *B *S
SS: GCH Castle Rock Abraham Darby +*B +*S AR HS
SD: SG Castle Rock Lotus 2*M 5*D AR 2774 VEEE 91 *Elite Doe 2017*

Dam: GCH Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower 6*M *D AR 2777 EEEE 92
DS: Camanna CC Rhythm ‘N Blues
DD: GCH Algedi Farm DJ Splash O’ Honey 5*M VVEE 90

DNA: PQ   |   α S1-Casein: A/A

1 x Reserve Junior Grand Champion; ANDDA Sue Rucker SILVER JuJu Award 2019



Another daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, in Greek mythology, Ianeira is an Oceanid nymph thought to have been a goddess of the Ionian tribe. 

Neira is the fifth Ocean Flower daughter we’ve elected to retain to the herd. Although similar in overall structure and conformation, Neira has a little more width and capacity than her sister, Melia, more characteristic of her sire, Desert Indigo.

Neira’s udder is beautiful and capacious, and she is on par to be at least as productive in the milk room as her dam. She is more similar in body style to her dam too, not quite sporting the length of body of her sister, Melia. Unfortunately, the one trait we hoped to correct was rear leg angulation, not Ocean’s strength, and Neira’s rear legs are very reminiscent of her dam. However, thus far, her kids have been much more angular.  

Neira has produced quadruplets both as a first and second freshener, and is a phenomenally easy kidder. With barely a push, while standing and eating, all four of her kids in 2019 were caught, mid-air, as they slid out. 

Unfortunately, unlike her dam, Neira has not been particularly generous with daughters. In her first two freshenings, she produced a total of seven bucks, and finally, thankfully, a lovely little doeling in the spring of 2019, Lysianassa, who is retained for now to the herd. We’re crossing our hooves for more lovely does from Neira this season, as she is carrying quints, sired by Sinai Thunder EX Hanukkah. If they are all bucks, I just might cry…


2.003/24/2018Sierra Aspen O Derecho22
3.014/9/2019CH Alethia HB Destiny's Starman *B22
4.003/25/2020Sinai Thunder EX Hanukkah *B *S32
2.0012018 Total300 DIM770 lbs46 lbs36 lbs
YearAgeHeight (Inches)General AppearanceDairy StrengthBody Capacity MammaryFS