Curbstone Valley Mariposa Lily 3*M 6*D AR 2793

Born: March 22, 2013     Height: 20.5″ at 2 Years


Sire: Camanna Music Man
SS: Proctor Hill TO Go Daddy
SD: CH Camanna CS Moonlight Sonata

Dam: SG Castle Rock Lotus 2*M 5*D AR 2774 *Elite Doe*
DS: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++*B +*S
DD: SG ARMCH Lost Valley TB Infinity 1*M 4*D



1 X Junior Grand Champion; ANDDA Sue Rucker SILVER JuJu Award 2015Top Ten – Protein Production – 2016 (305-Day Test AGS); AGS 2016 JC Lincoln Award

Lily’s dam had an excellent start as a very productive first freshener, and her grand-dams on both sides have proven themselves to be very strong milkers.

One of the first things that immediately struck us about Lily is that she has a beautifully level top line, both while standing, and on the move.

Overall Lily is showing more refinement in appearance, and is smaller in stature, than her dam. She has wonderfully upright, and long ears, sharper withers, and more smoothness of blending through the withers than her dam, while retaining her dam’s length of body, and body capacity.

In the ring, judges have commended Lily for her spring of rib, and long neck, good front end assembly, and width between her hocks.

Although Lily has shown some improvements in conformation compared to her dam, her first freshening udder is not as wide or tight in the rear attachment as we would like. However, she has clearly inherited her dam’s udder capacity, will to milk, and soft, pliable, udder texture.

Lily’s production, as a petite yearling first freshener, has now exceeded her dam’s production as a yearling milker. Despite her small stature, Lily has now achieved her Advanced Registry milking stars, with ADGA and AGS, for butterfat, protein, AND milk volume, rounding out the season at 700 lbs of production! We’re very much looking forward to seeing how Lily’s production improves during her subsequent lactations.

Like her dam, Lily has a wonderfully placid disposition, but with a bright, outgoing personality. She simply adores attention, without being excessively demanding, and has the best temperament on the milk stand of any doe in our herd! 

We tragically lost Lily in 2016, 48 hours after a very difficult kidding. Lily was prone to producing large kids, and despite our best efforts to control this via late-pregnancy management, her three bucklings were too large to be born normally. Unfortunately, the attending emergency veterinarian refused to attempt a c-section, despite our request, and insisted the bucks could be pulled manually. As predicted, Lily’s uterus and cervix were torn, and she died from the pain, shock, and ensuing peritonitis. That vet is now permanently banned from the farm. Lily was a doe that was always happy and first to greet you in the barn, and our barn has never been the same without her.

1.003/23/2014CH Castle Rock Abraham Darby *B *S21
2.003/25/2015Trilogy Ranch SHH Magnum Opus22
3.003/26/2016Camanna RZ White Zedoary03
1.0012014 Total292700 lbs47 lbs33 lbs
2.0022015 Total2991010 lbs64 lbs47 lbs
YearAgeHeight (Inches)General AppearanceDairy StrengthBody Capacity MammaryFS