Curbstone Valley Celastrina 4*M 7*D AR 2976

Curbstone Valley Celastrina

Born: March 23, 2014

**DNA on file**     **α S1-Casein: A/B**

Sire: GCH Castle Rock Abraham Darby +*B +*S AR HS
SS: CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir ++*B +S AR HS
SD: GCH-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Tuscan Sun 1*M *D VEEE 90

Dam: Curbstone Valley Mariposa Lily 3*M 6*D AR 2793
DS: Camanna Music Man
DD: SG Castle Rock Lotus 2*M 5*D AR 2774 VEEE 91 *Elite Doe 2017-2019*

ANDDA Sue Rucker SILVER JuJu Award 2016, BRONZE JuJu Award 2017

Named after a genus of butterfly, when Celastrina was born she was almost identical in appearance to her sister Erynnis, which made choosing which doe to retain especially difficult. Finally, after six months, we elected to retain this lovely doe.

Admittedly, this is not the best photograph, but we had just completed linear appraisal that afternoon, and Trina was objecting to standing still with every fiber of her being!

As Celastrina has matured she has continued to impress us with her overall general appearance, and dairy strength. She is a long, lean, refined and elegant looking young doe. When we finally took Celastrina to her first show at four months of age, she impressed us by consistently placing second in her classes, against some very competitive junior does. By the end of the season, she was consistently placing 1st. At linear appraisal this season, she was one of our highest scoring junior doelings across the board.

Celastrina's dam, Mariposa Lily, is a petite, refined doe, with a level top line, very good front and rear legs, excellent udder capacity for her small size, with a buttery soft udder texture. Although Lily's rear udder is admittedly lacking in rear height and width this season, we do very much appreciate Lily's overall conformation, and sheer will to milk. Lily has out-milked her dam as a yearling first freshener, and easily met the component and volume requirements to earn her milk stars this season, so we are willing to give her more time to mature.

That said, we intentionally selected Celastrina's sire, Castle Rock Abraham Darby, primarily for the strong udder genetics that run through his pedigree. Darby has already improved Celastrina's rear leg set, hip width, and hock angularity. Even as a junior doe, on linear appraisal she scored one of the best escutcheon heights, and rear udder arches, in our entire herd, and once freshened, her udder structure was a significant improvement over her dam.

2.003/31/2016Camanna RZ White Zedoary +B +S02
3.003/27/2017Camanna RZ White Zedoary +B +S22
4.002/28/2018Castle Rock Roxstar12
5.004/24/2019Alethia HB Destiny's Starman *B20
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2.0012016 Total288730 lbs50 lbs36 lbs
3.0022017 Total247800 lbs48 lbs37 lbs
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YearAgeHeightGeneral AppearanceDairy StrengthBody CapacityMammaryFS
20151.03 (Dry Yearling)20 ++V+
20140.04 (Young Stock)16VVVV
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Curbstone Valley Celastrina
Curbstone Valley Celastrina
Curbstone Valley Celastrina