Curbstone Valley DS Notorious 3*M 5*D AR

Born: March 28, 2018

Sire: CH Alethia HB Destiny’s Starman *B EVE 90
SS:  Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay ++*B
SD:  GCH Alethia DJ Written N The Stars 5*M *D AR 3054 VEEE 91

Dam: Castle Rock Penny Serenade 2*M 4*D AR 3172
DS: Caprine Acres HS Cooper
DD: SGCH CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise 1*M 3*D VVEE 90


DNA: PQ   |   α S1-Casein: A/A


1 x Junior Reserve Grand Champion; 1 x Junior Grand Champion 

It was not our intent to retain a daughter from Penny Serenade her first freshening, however, this lovely long and level doe kept catching our eye in the barn.

This wide and angular doe is so smoothly blended, from her long elegant neck, through to her rump, with a strong shoulder assembly, tight elbows, and straight front legs, that it was an easy choice to add her to our junior show string the first year.

Tori consistently placed toward the head of her class at her first shows, and secured her junior Grand Champion leg as an intermediate kid at four months of age. 

Unfortunately, her dam’s udder in her second freshening was simply not well enough attached to support the volume of milk she was carrying. Tori’s sire, however, has some of the strongest udder genetics in the herd, and Tori’s first freshening udder has proven to be a significant improvement over her dam. There is so much we like about this doe, and we’re looking forward to her freshening again next year to see how her udder continues to mature.

2.014/9/2020Sinai Thunder EX Hanukkah *B *S21

Not Yet Appraised