SGCH Sierra Aspen Sky Pilot 2*M *D AR 3057

Born: February 29, 2012       Height: 20.6″ at 5 Years

Sire: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage ++*B +*S AR HS  **Elite Sire** 2015/16
SS: Castle Rock Tanzanite +*B *S
SD: SGCH-ARMCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 1*M 3*D AR 2449 VEEE 91

Dam: Castle Rock Velvet Lupine 1*M V+EV 87
DS: AGS CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln +B
DD: CRF Castle Rock Arroyo Lupine 3*D


DNA: I   |   α S1-Casein: A/A


1 x Junior RGCH, 3 x Senior RGCH, 3 x Senior GCH; ANDDA Sue Rucker SILVER JuJu Award 2017

I never thought in a million years that one day Skye would have the opportunity to join the Curbstone Valley herd. Sharing the same show circuit as my friends that owned the Sierra Aspen herd, I was fortunate on many occasions to witness this beautiful doe in the ring first hand. I enjoyed watching both Skye, and her youth handler, mature in the ring from one season to the next.

Not expecting my offer to be taken seriously, I mentioned that I would always take Skye if she were to ever find herself in need of a new home. Skye has always been a personal favorite, and I was thrilled when Sierra graciously allowed Skye to join our farm family.

Skye is a finished permanent champion, and earned her superior genetics designation as a second freshening two year-old.

At the 2015 ADGA National Show, in Redmond, Oregon, Skye placed 6th in a very competitive 3 year-old class, of 31 does, immediately behind our other recent herd addition, Alethia DJ Written N The Stars. Both are pictured below in the lineup. Skye was also a member of the second place senior get of sire trio, representing SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage.

Skye has always had an enviable udder, both in structure and capacity. Her udder is well attached, with a beautifully smooth foreudder, near ideal teat length and placement, and solid strength in the medial. Skye’s udder is as close to an ideal udder on a Nigerian as I can envision.

This doe stands on a very strong set of feet and legs, with beautiful height and width in the escutcheon. Much like Lotus, Skye is a strong, and powerful doe, and she clearly has the dairy strength, width, and capacity to support strong productive lactations.

No doe is perfect, however, and Skye’s structural weakness is that her thurls are low. Not an uncommon issue in Nigerians. Skye is bred to GCH Castle Rock Abraham Darby for the 2018 kidding season in the hopes of improving rump structure in her progeny, and we’re very excited to see the results of this cross. 

Skye arrived recently freshened in 2017, and in 2018 produced quadruplets her first year here, including a beautiful doe, Curbstone Valley Skylark. Lark easily earned her restricted leg as an intermediate kid, and will freshen in the spring of 2020.

We feel incredibly blessed to be able to provide a permanent home for Skye at Curbstone Valley. She’s a joy to have in the barn. A sweet, mellow doe, who fits in effortlessly with the herd.

1.002013Dragonfly HLJ Affirmed02 (Wethered)
2.003/1/2014CH Algedi Farm JD Shotgun Wedding *B30
3.003/25/2015Sierra Aspen BI Vincent Vega21
4.003/29/2016Sierra Aspen VV Obbligato11
5.003/21/2017Sierra Aspen VV Obbligato11
6.003/2/2018GCH Castle Rock Abraham Darby +*B +*S13
2.0022014 Total184690 lbs39 lbs28 lbs
3.0032015 Total142580 lbs37 lbs23 lbs
5.0052017 Total285820 lbs51 lbs34 lbs
YearAgeHeight (Inches)General AppearanceDairy StrengthBody Capacity MammaryFS