Sinai Thunder EX Hanukkah *B *S

Born: October 1, 2018

Sire: Sinai Thunder O Exodus *B *S *Elite Buck 2022*
SS: SG Cedar View Olivero +*B +S *Elite Buck 2018-2022*
SD: SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption *M *D AR VEEE 90 *Elite Doe 2016*

Dam: SGCH Wood Bridge Farm Peridot 3*M *D AR EEEE 91
DS: GCH Rosasharn UMT Pippin +*B +*S
DD: SGCH Old Mountain Farm Amethyst 2*M VEEE 90


DNA: PQ   |   α S1-Casein: A/B



We are well aware that unicorns don’t exist in the goat world, but there are a special few that might come close. For the last few years we have been determined to source our next herd sire from a specific, and very special doe. So when our good friend, Jill, at Sinai Thunder Farm, informed us that SGCH Wood Bridge Farm Peridot had quints in October, and four of them were bucklings, we were absolutely thrilled!

To say we are excited to bring Hanukkah into the herd would be an enormous understatement. Don’t let the flashy exterior of this buckling fool you. This young buck promises to be a true powerhouse of both production, and dairy type. Han’s pedigree is stacked to the rafters with generations of breed leaders, Elite, and Superior Genetics ancestors.

Hanukkah’s dam, Peridot, only improved with age. She placed in the national top ten lists for production, with both ADGA and AGS. She had a stunning and capacious udder, with beautiful fore udder extension, gorgeous attachments, rear udder height, and width. Her top line was sheer perfection, and she had a beautiful wide and level rump, with a permanent appraisal score of EEEE 91, including E trait scores in rump, rear legs, and back.

Exodus, Han’s sire, is an exciting young buck sired by none other than SG Cedar View Olivero, a son of Elite doe SGCH Cedar View Isabella. Olivero is a Superior Genetics, Elite sire, with numerous daughters that have readily produced in excess of 1000 lbs as first fresheners, seven of whom have already earned their Superior Genetics designations. There is no question that Olivero is demonstrating that he is passing his own dam’s production forward. Olivero, as a yearling, scored E in head, shoulder assembly, and rear legs.

Exodus’ dam, SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption, is an Elite doe, and multi-year Top Ten doe, with a permanent appraisal score of VEEE 90, including the ever-coveted ‘E’ in rump.

In 2022, Han’s sire, Exodus, also found himself landing squarely on the Elite Buck list.

Hanukkah has incredible dairy strength, and is an angular, long and level buck, standing on strong, straight feet and legs, with a beautiful level topline.

He has already proven himself to compliment the type in our Algedi-based genetics very well. At a show in Central California in 2021, four of the top five dry yearlings in the class were his daughters! At our Linear Appraisal session, late in the year in 2022, two of his daughters, Aria (a Calypso daughter) and Galene (an Ianeira daughter) garnered some of the most consistent structural trait scores across the board in the entire herd, setting the foundation for a very positive future.

Thank you, Jill, dear friend, for entrusting handsome Hanukkah to us!

Kidding DateDam#Does#Bucks
3/4/2020Curbstone Valley Redwood Ivy 3*M 6*D11
3/8/2020GCH Curbstone Valley Calypso 7*M 2*D22
3/13/2020SG Curbstone Valley Rowena 3*M 3*D12
3/25/2020Curbstone Valley Ianeira 7*M 2*D32
3/31/2020Curbstone Valley Chanterelle 3*M 5*D13
4/9/2020Curbstone Valley DS Notorious21
4/10/2020Curbstone Valley Avalon 4*M 4*D03
4/20/2020Curbstone Valley Jazztronica30
4/22/2020Curbstone Valley Sandhill Sage21
YearAgeHeight (Inches)General AppearanceDairy StrengthBody Capacity FS
20224.00In HeightVEV88