Sierra Aspen O Derecho *B

Born: March 24, 2017

**DNA on file**     **a S1-Casein: A/B**

Sire: Sierra Aspen VV Obbligato
SS: Sierra Aspen BI Vincent Vega
SD: GCH Algedi Farm MH Andante 1*M EEEE 91
Dam: Castle Rock Hundred Year Storm 3*M 5*D AR 3088
DS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B *Elite Buck* 2015/6
DD: GCH Castle Rock Snownamie 2*M 4*D AR VEEE 90

Not the best photo of this squiggly weanling, as he was wondering where the bottle of milk was. That said, sometimes an opportunity presents itself that simply cannot be refused. When Derecho's dam freshened this spring, it was obvious that this young buck should be afforded an opportunity to prove himself.

Derecho's pedigree is a power-house of impressive mammary genetics, both in structure, and in function. His dam's sire is proving to be one of the best bucks within the breed at the moment, consistently producing high, wide, well-attached mammary systems in his daughters, with near-perfect teat placement, and Derecho's dam is no exception.  While his dam, as a first freshener this season, is lacking in capacity, all of the elements of a truly strong mammary system are there.

His sire, Obbligato, is the son of Algedi Farm MH Andante, the 5-6 year old class winner, and best udder in class, at the 2015 ADGA Nationals. Andante has a beautifully level rump, with a very well attached, high, wide rear udder, a strong fore, and an excellent front end assembly, which is relatively rare in the breed.

Although Derecho is the product of a first-freshener, the breed is relatively young, and evolving very quickly. IF we are doing our job as breeders, and making true improvements in the breed, then the occasional buck from a first-freshener should be worthy of consideration. If for whatever reason as that buck matures, we determine he is not worthy of herdsire status, that's an easy fix.

However, this smoothly blended young buck has the length of the body we consistently strive for, with the strength and structure in areas of the mammary system we'd like to improve, in both sides of his pedigree. We're very excited to see what Rey will bring to the herd next season. Thank you, Sierra, for entrusting us with Derecho! We look forward to meeting his first kids next spring!