Curbstone Valley DS Asterion *B *S

Born: February 24, 2019

Sire: CH Alethia HB Destiny’s Starman *B EVE 90
SS: Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay ++*B
SD: GCH Alethia DJ Written N The Stars 5*M *D AR 3054 VEEE 91

Dam: GCH Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower 6*M *D AR 2777 EEEE 92
DS: Camanna CC Rhythm ‘N Blues
DD: GCH Algedi Farm DJ Splash O’ Honey 5*M VVEE 90

DNA: PQ   |   α S1-Casein: A/A

 COI: 8.51%

1 x Junior Champion Buck


Asterion is our newest, and most anticipated retained junior herd sire for 2019. He is a light linebreeding on Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter, and Rosasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey. 

This young buck is long, angular, and dairy, and both his dam, and sire’s dam have some of the best udders in the herd.

Asterion’s dam, Ocean Flower, has continued to improve as she ages, and was re-appraised as an eight year-old at EEEE 92, including scoring ‘E’ in head, shoulder assembly, front legs, back, and rump. Two days after that appraisal, Ocean proved herself again by earning best of breed in the Champion Challenge class in two rings at REDGA, and being awarded Best Senior Doe in Show.

His sire’s dam, Alethia DJ Written N The Stars the previous year earned a number of best of breeds in champion challenge as well.

Strength in the mammary system abounds on both sides of Asterion’s pedigree, with his dam, and sire’s dam earning medial strength scores in the 30’s, with strong attachments all around, and plumb well-placed teats.

We anticipate that Asterion will produce some beautiful dairy daughters, with strong productive mammary systems, and look forward to meeting his first progeny in 2020.

Kidding DateDam#Does#Bucks
2/28/2020Curbstone Valley Whitney 3*M 5*D20
3/7/2020Curbstone Valley Nimue 4*M 4*D01
4/2/2020Curbstone Valley Scarlet Aster 4*M 7*D01
4/3/2020GCH Alethia HB When Stars Align 6*M 2*D01
4/8/2020Castle Rock Hundred Year Storm 3*M 5*D11
4/21/2020Curbstone Valley AD Kismet11

Not Yet Appraised