Camanna RZ White Zedoary +B +S AR

Born: August 28, 2012  

Sire: Rosasharn SH Zahtar *B
SS: Rosasharn BB Son of Honey ++*B +S
SD: SGCH Rosasharn HB Gari 4*M EEEV 90 – Elite Doe

Dam: CH Camanna CS Acapella
DS: TX Twincreeks AB Crescendo *S
DD: SG HBF L.S. Impressive Encore VEEV 87 (at 11 years)

DNA: I   |   α S1-Casein: A/B



Zedoary is named for a perennial herb, also known as white turmeric, that is native to India and Indonesia.

This handsome, and very mellow, white and cream buck, is long, level, and quite short in stature, with very correct conformation, and dairy character. Zedoary is sharp in the withers, with an excellent topline, good feet, and a very good shoulder assembly.

Zedoary’s sire, Rosasharn SH Zahtar, is linebred on the 2007 AGS national champion senior doe, ARMCH Rosasharn’s Buckwheat Honey (EEEE 91). 

Zedoary’s dam, CH Camanna CS Acapella, is a finished permanent champion, attaining that title at 8 years of age, a testament to her longevity. Acapella is a lovely high producing doe, with a capacious udder, nice all around attachments, and excellent udder texture, which has continued to improve with each freshening, all traits we hope Zedoary will pass along to his daughters.

Acapella’s dam, HBF L.S. Impressive Encore,  earned her superior genetics (SG) title.

We have retained four of Zedoary’s daughters thus far. All are long, level, angular doelings, excelling in general appearance. Their first freshening udders have consistently shown improvement in rear udder attachment, height, and width, and Zedoary consistently improves front-end assemblies in his offspring.

Zedo’s daughter, Curbstone Valley Bellona, consistently placed 1st or 2nd place in the show ring as a junior doe, earning her first junior Reserve Grand Champion win at less than three months old in a very competitive class, and going on to earn her restricted leg as a dry yearling. Bellona was also one of our highest scoring junior does at linear appraisal as a junior doe.

Curbstone Valley Rowena has also performed very well in the ring, earning a string of reserve Grand Champion wins. During her first lactation, Rowena demonstrated an incredible will to milk, producing more than 1100 lbs of milk, in a level and sustained lactation, ultimately out-milking her fourth-freshening dam during the last milk test of the year.

Although Zedoary initially was placing very well in the show ring himself, a nerve injury to his shoulder after a fight with another buck has left him with a permanent lameness in his left forelimb, preventing him from being shown again.

In 2016, Zedoary’s daughter, Curbstone Valley Rowena, was an ADGA Breed Leader for protein production, and produced 1160 lbs of milk as a first freshening two year-old.

Zeodary has been proving himself through his daughters, and is an AR herd sire with both ADGA and AGS.

Kidding DateDam#Does#Bucks
5/30/2013Camanna RZ Zahtara Premiere1?
7/11/2013Alethia MH Phebe1?
7/?/2013Camanna CS Sweet Harmony1?
8/4/2013Camanna RM Ruby Cabernet12
2/28/2014Castle Rock Royalia 2*M 2*D22
3/2/2014Castle Rock Minerva 3*M 6*D12
4/29/2014Castle Rock P. Cayenne11
3/1/2015Castle Rock Lotus 2*M 5*D20
3/15/2015Gryphon Peppermint Pattie12
3/17/2015Gryphon Babe Ruth13
3/26/2016Curbstone Valley Mariposa Lily 3*M 6*D03
3/29/2016Curbstone Valley Celastrina 4*M 7*D02
2/25/2017Curbstone Valley Mojave Rose 3*M 6*D03
3/13/2017Curbstone Valley Cleodora21
3/27/2017Curbstone Valley Celastrina 4*M 7*D22
YearAgeHeight (Inches)General AppearanceDairy StrengthBody CapacityFS