For Sale 2018

Due to extreme predator pressure on the farm, it is essential that we keep our herd size manageable, to ensure all animals can be secured at night in the barns. As a result, we will occasionally list animals for sale below. While we are always happy to answer questions about any of our animals, please be mindful of our busy daily farm schedule, and only contact us with serious inquiries pertaining to any animal listed below.

All animals MUST be paid for IN FULL, BEFORE leaving the farm. If paying by PayPal, or Check, your payment must clear BEFORE picking up your goat(s) from the farm! If we make arrangements to deliver your kid to a show we are attending, and the kid is not paid for before we depart for the show, the kid WILL NOT be transported. 

Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you cannot pick up your animal from the farm as arranged. Failure to arrive on the agreed upon day of pick up, without notice, will result in the immediate forfeiting of your deposit, and the animal WILL be re-listed for sale.

Mona & Lucy - $400 (for both) - SALE PENDING

Two sweet, purebred three year-old Nigerian Dwarf does to be sold, without registration papers, to a loving pet home only.

Mona and Lucy are littermate sisters, and MUST be sold together. They are very bonded to one another, and Lucy gets very distressed if she is without her sister. They spend their days together, and use each other as pillows in the barn at night. They are truly that inseparable.

Both does are a little on the tubby side, as they are currently housed with our milkers, but would do much better in a home that can more closely monitor and control feed intake (sorry Mona).

Mona and Lucy would be excellent companions for other does, enjoy being lazy loved pasture ornaments, or family/homestead milkers. Mona was freshened last year, but Lucy has not yet been bred. We do NOT recommend keeping them as house goats, as Mona is highly likely to raid the refrigerator while you're sleeping, and leave crumbs in your bed.

Both love to nibble on redwood branches, blackberry vines, and Madrone.

Secure fencing, and housing to keep them both safe and secure from predators, is required. A kind heart, and the desire to provide them both with the care and attention they deserve is an absolute must.

**serious inquiries only, please**


Wethers born March-April 

$ 175 (2 or more $150 each)

As we leave very few bucks intact each year, we have a number of friendly pet wethers available for sale over the spring and summer months.

Wethers make great pets, hiking companions, companions for other goats, and weed/brush eaters. With quality care wethers can be as long-lived, and as affectionate, as dogs.  Unlike breeding animals, wethers are simple to care for, typically only requiring a grass hay and/or browse as the core of their diet, and free-choice loose livestock minerals.

With rare exception, most wethers are sold in bonded pairs. No wether will be sold alone into a home without goats as their happiness and good health requires the companionship of other goats. In our experience, all goats adjust to a new home environment much more quickly if they are sold at least in pairs, with a companion they already know. 

All kids are bottle-raised, and does or bucks may be released to experienced homes at four weeks of age.

Wethers may be reserved, but will not be castrated prior to three months of age to decrease the risk of urethral obstruction later in life. See Sales Policy for more information regarding the sale of wethers.

All kids are surgically disbudded, dewormed, and vaccinated for CD&T, prior to leaving the farm. Kids are raised on a coccidiosis prevention protocol.

If you have any questions about any animal listed for sale, you are welcome to contact us.

Pickup & Delivery

Due to our hectic farm schedule, we prefer that goats are picked up directly from the farm. However, we may be able to accommodate delivery of purchased kids to the following shows in 2017:

  • MSDGA, Paso Robles, CA - May 5, 2018
  • NVDGA, Red Bluff, CA - May 12, 2018
  • REDGA, Santa Rosa, CA - May 26-27, 2018
  • Humboldt CGA, Ferndale, CA - June 2, 2018
  • Motherlode - Angels Camp, CA June 9, 2018
  • CCCDGA, Watsonville, CA - July 14-15, 2018
  • Gold Country DGA, Stockton, CA (Fuzzy Show) - August 25, 2018

Space, however, is VERY limited. Please contact us to determine delivery availability for any of the shows listed above, or if you have any questions about reserving or purchasing our goats.