Curbstone Valley Alpheios *B *S

Born: March 9, 2016  

**DNA on file**  **α S1-Casein: A/A**

Sire: CH Curbstone Valley Desert Indigo *B *S
SS: GCH Castle Rock Abraham Darby +*B +*S AR HS
SD: SG Castle Rock Lotus 2*M 5*D AR 2774 VEEE 91 *Elite Doe 2017*

Dam: GCH Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower 6*M *D AR 2777 EEEE 91
DS: Camanna CC Rhythm 'N Blues
DD: GCH Algedi Farm DJ Splash O' Honey 5*M VVEE 90

1 x Junior Champion Buck

Alpheois is a river god in Greek mythology, a son of Oceanus and Tethys, who fell in love with the Nereid Arethusa, albeit that love was unrequited. With the assistance of Artemis, Arethusa was transformed into a well, in order to flee the persistent advances of Alpheois. Needless to say, as our new junior herd sire, we hope that our does don't ask for the help of Artemis to flee Alphie in the breeding pasture!

It was the intent last season to retain a buckling from Ocean Flower. However, wonderful doe that she is, she graced us with quadruplet doelings instead. Fortunately, kidding with quintuplets this season, Ocean was kind enough to give us two bucklings to chose from.

Alphie reminds us a lot of his grand-sire, Abraham Darby. Color aside, his general appearance is very similar. Alphie is a small buck, long, level, and angular, but with the placid disposition of his sire, Desert Indigo. 

This young buckling blends some of the best udder genetics in our herd, both in conformation, with Ocean, and in capacity and production (including components) through Lotus. Alphie has lengthened out considerably since this photo was taken (will update soon), thanks to his sire, and has acquired the most incredible dairy skin from his dam. We're very excited to see what Alphie's future daughters contribute to our herd!